Securing Ottawa’s Roads: Where Safety Meets Efficiency

Ottawa Traffic Control Services: Keep Your Roads Safe and Efficient

Road closures

Our road closure service provides a comprehensive solution for managing traffic flow and ensuring safety during construction projects, events, and emergency situations. We specialize in planning, implementing, and managing road closures across a wide range of environments. Our services include the provision and setup of all necessary road closure equipment such as signage, barriers, cones, and advanced warning systems to guide traffic efficiently around or through the affected areas.

Our experienced team works closely with clients to tailor road closure plans to specific needs, ensuring minimal disruption and maximum safety for both the public and workers. Whether it’s a major highway, a city street, or a rural road, ARX Fencing & Logistics has the expertise and equipment to effectively manage your road closure needs.


Our flagging services offer professional and reliable traffic control solutions for construction sites, road works, and special events. Our certified flaggers are trained to manage vehicular and pedestrian traffic safely and efficiently, ensuring that your project or event runs smoothly and without incident. We utilize the latest equipment and safety gear, including high-visibility attire, signs, and communication devices, to provide clear and precise directions to drivers and pedestrians, minimizing confusion and enhancing safety.

Our team works closely with clients to develop customized traffic control plans that address specific site requirements and local regulations. Whether you need a single flagger for a small roadwork project or a team of flaggers for a large-scale operation, ARX Fencing & Logistics has the expertise and resources to meet your needs, ensuring that all traffic is managed with the utmost care and professionalism.

Traffic Control Plans

Our Traffic Control Plans service offers a strategic approach to managing the flow of traffic around construction sites, events, and any situation that requires a temporary change in traffic patterns. This service is designed to ensure safety, minimize congestion, and maintain an efficient flow of vehicles and pedestrians. We work closely with our clients to develop customized traffic control plans that consider all aspects of the project, from initial design to implementation.

Our plans are detailed and include the placement of signage, cones, barriers, and other traffic management devices, as well as the deployment of traffic control personnel when necessary. Each plan adheres to local regulations and standards to ensure compliance and safety. With ARX Fencing & Logistics, you gain a partner skilled in creating effective, efficient traffic control strategies that mitigate risks and keep both the public and workers safe.

Road Sign and Equipment Sales

At ARX Fencing & Logistics, we offer a comprehensive selection of road signs and road equipment catering to all your traffic management needs. Our inventory includes Regulatory, Warning, and Temporary Condition signs, alongside a wide array of other road management equipment. Whether you’re managing traffic flow, ensuring pedestrian safety, or setting up for a construction project, our products are designed to meet the highest standards of quality and compliance.

Our Regulatory signs provide clear instructions to drivers and pedestrians, ensuring lawful and safe traffic movement. Warning signs alert road users to potential hazards ahead, enhancing overall road safety. Temporary Condition signs are essential for guiding traffic around construction sites, events, or any temporary disruption, ensuring both worker and public safety.

In addition to signs, we supply a variety of road equipment including cones, barriers, delineators, flashing lights, and more, to create a safe and efficient traffic environment. Whether you need to outfit a small project or a large-scale operation, ARX Fencing & Logistics is your trusted source for all road signage and equipment needs, ensuring your projects are equipped for safety and compliance.


Concrete Jersey Barriers

At ARX Fencing & Logistics, we offer a wide range of traffic management solutions, including an extensive selection of concrete Jersey barriers in various sizes to meet the specific needs of any project. Our Jersey barriers are essential for creating safe and effective traffic control configurations, whether for road construction, event management, or permanent traffic division.

Designed to withstand significant impact, our concrete barriers provide a durable and reliable method for directing traffic flow, protecting construction sites, and ensuring pedestrian safety. Available in multiple sizes, our barriers can be deployed in a variety of settings, from narrow city streets to wide highways, accommodating both temporary and permanent installations.